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Adbusters Media Foundation is a global network of culture jammers and creators who are working to change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power and the way meaning is produced in our society.

Ad-free since 1989, its flagship publication, Adbusters magazine, is available worldwide and has been instrumental in launching numerous global campaigns including Buy Nothing Day, Digital Detox Week, Kickitover.org and, most recently, Occupy Wall Street.

Unbridled by corporate sponsorship and completely reader funded, Adbusters has dared to go where few publications have gone before: spoofing megacorps, challenging the governing economic paradigm, publishing provocateurs and philosophical heretics, advocating for mental environmentalism and demanding the total reboot of the Western imagination.

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Taika Waititi

New Zealand

Taika Waititi is a writer, director, actor, and visual artist.

As a film-maker Waititi wrote, directed, and acted in “Boy,” his second feature, which has become New Zealand’s highest grossing local film of all time. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival's World Cinema and won awards for Best Picture at various festivals, including the Generation Grand Prix at the Berlinale.

Waititi has a long history of performance in both theatre, film and television. He has appeared in numerous films including his first feature “Eagle vs Shark,” which he also wrote and directed. The script was work-shopped at the prestigious Sundance Institute Directors Lab and film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.  He also acted in the Warner Bros superhero blockbuster, The Green Lantern.

Waititi’s other writer/director credits include the 2005 short “Two Cars, One Night,” which was nominated for an Academy Award® and the short film “Tama Tu,” which picked up festival prizes in Sundance, Indianapolis, Stockholm and Berlin.  He has written and directed multiple episodes of the TV series “Flight of the Conchords”, “Super City,” plus TV commercials in the United States and United Kingdom.  He most recently directed the MTV show “The Inbetweeners”, and has just completed shooting his 3rd feature, an untitled project about New Zealand Vampires.

With a strong background in painting and photography, Waititi has spent many years presenting his work in various mediums from painting and mixed media to book and album illustration, exhibiting in both New Zealand and Berlin.

Waititi is of Te-Whanau-a-Apanui descent and grew up on New Zealand’s East Coast and in Wellington, attending Victoria University as an arts student.  In 1999, as one half of the comedy duo Humourbeasts, with Jemaine Clement, he won the Billy T Comedy Award. In 2006,  Waititi was made a New Zealand Arts Foundation 'New Generation' Laureate, Distinguished Alumni of Victoria University and in 2010 he was invited to Doha, Qatar to present a TEDx talk on his approach to creativity in different mediums.

Perhaps most interestingly, he also invented a neck tie that buttons down to prevent it blowing in the wind. 

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Rockin Jelly Bean


Rockin' Jelly Bean's artwork has always had a close relationship with music and the Garage Punk scene.

RJB started his career defining his visual style by designing flyers, record covers and so forth. Eventually branching out into the art world he has still continued to work within the music industry working for both Independent and major record labels.

In 1996 he moved to the USA and it was his involvement in the lowbrow art scene, holding exhibitions with various artists including Coop and Kozik, where he began to make his name. At the same time Jelly Bean was also establishing his own brand EROSTY POP! After seven years of working in LA he moved back to Japan and since 2005 he has been based in Osaka.

Over the last few years as well as numerous other side projects, including the opening of a wrestling mask factory, he has been producing a steady flow of uber-cool artwork for his Erostika shops in Nagoya and Tokyo's ultra trendy Harajuku.

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Jonathan Barnbrook


Jonathan Barnbrook is one of the most well-known graphic designers in Britain.

Barnbrook believes design shapes the environment, changing the way we perceive things and informing our choices. In this sense, design is a ‘culturally valid form of expression’ with something to say. He also stated that he believes ‘design can change the world when it works in service of the right people and gets an issue on the mainstream political agenda’.In marking this responsibility, Barnbrook has art directed for the anti-corporate collective Adbusters.

He participated in the First Things First 2000 Manifesto published in 1999, signed by graphic designers, students and photographers who proposed a reversal of priorities in the way graphic design was used commercially. He created a billboard in 2001 entitled ‘Designers, stay away from corporations that want you to lie for them’ – quoting influential American graphic designer Tibor Kalman publicising the manifesto. Barnbrook has also produced many copyright-free designs for political or social justice purposes.

Barnbrook has worked with a variety of clientele, from artists to selected commercial and non-commercial clients. He created complete graphic identities for major cultural institutions including the Mori Arts Center, Tokyo and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and has undertaken branding for the 17th Biennale of Sydney. He designed Noam Chomsky’s book cover, ‘Doctrines and Visions’ (2005), David Bowie’s record cover ‘Heathen’ (2002) and collaborated with artist Damien Hirst on his collectable monograph.

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New Zealandhttp://www.assemblyltd.com

Assembly is a company of aesthetic thinkers. They like making images that tell stories. They work with an array of tools to do this but always like to start with an interesting idea. Their heritage is high end commercial work but those skills travel further in today's multichannel environment. Assembly like working on creative led projects that don’t shy away from being ambitious.

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Thomas and Martin Poschauko


At his first encounter with Nea Machina, Stefan Sagmeister was consumed by an  "unbelievable desire to go into the studio and work." 

This kind of desire is not always felt by creative people. All too often, tight deadlines, practical mental work and sitting still at the computer get in the way.
Thomas and Martin Poschauko reveal how creativity can be really good fun when we fire up our play instinct by working perceptibly with our hands and how ideas can gush forth if we just allow our minds to take a short break.
They will be demonstrating a creative experiment in which more than 1,000 different graphic design works came into being in only four months and they will be taking their visitors on an inspiring trip.

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Sarah Maxey

New Zealandhttp://www.sarahmaxey.com/

Sarah Maxey is a graphic designer and handlettering artist with a distinguished career in book design. She has produced award-winning work for literary publishers in the UK, Australia and her native New Zealand.

It is her collaborative work with poets in particular that has inspired her to develop her own singular voice in concrete poetry using hand-drawn type. Her recent collaboration with a poet and a typeface designer won the 2011 Purple Pin Best in Discipline in New Zealand’s design industry awards, and a Certificate of Excellence from the International Society of Typographic Design in the UK.

Her work has recently been published in 'Artists' Postcards: a compendium' a 2012 title by Reaktion Books. She currently lives in Berlin where she is drawing furiously with no definite dénouement in mind.

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A live cinema performance finale by The Light Surgeons.

Super Everything* is a new cross disciplinary performing arts project, commissioned by the British Council and created by the UKs leading audio-visual artists The Light Surgeons in collaboration with a group of audio and visual artists from Malaysia. Filmed on location across Peninsular Malaysia, this project sets out to explore the relationship between identity, ritual and place.

Super Everything* weaves different documentary narratives to create a poetic audio-visual tapestry that together form a kaleidoscopic portrait of the diverse cultural landscape of Malaysia. Juxtaposing tradition and modernity, this project seeks to discover who we are and how our complex identities are connected.

The resulting work is a truly immersive audio visual experience. Exploded across multiple screens and speakers, combining a range of different media, this live cinema performance layers together stunning documentary footage and motion graphics with a original live electronic musical score — Transporting its audiences on a journey through a series of interconnecting and universal themes.

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If you work or study in the creative
industry, We Can Create is for you.

We Can Create invites professionals and up-and-coming talent from New Zealand and around the world to share their perspectives and present their work, all resulting in a spectacular seminar followed by
a series of workshops.

It's New Zealand's very own celebration of all things art and design - graphics, typography, illustration, animation, motion graphics, interactive, film making, photography,
audio-visual art, product design
and much more.

27th October

Mercury Theatre

Auckland, New Zealand


1 day, 6 speakers,
1 live performance, millions
of ideas and very limited seats.
Book now and don't miss
New Zealand's only industry-strength creative showcase.

We Can Create is a general admission event so you can sit wherever you like in the Theatre. On arrival you will receive a removable wristband that will grant you entry to any of the 4 sessions, the wristband is transferable.
1 x entry per wristband per session.
This is one show where you can leave your mobiles on - feel free to text your questions to the speakers for the Q&A session after each presentation.


Rendezvous Hotel

You know what we love? The Rendezvous Grand in Auckland. We're all staying there and you should too.

All WCC delegates receive a very nice discount on the newly refurbished rooms. And it's centrally located between K'Rd and Queen Street - what more could you ask for?

Check out WCC room rates here >>


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In this Adbusters workshop, we hope to achieve nothing short of instigating, inspiring and creating a new cell of meme war activity. As the world faces a convergence of economic, ecological, physical and psycho crises, the need for effective memes and communication to confront dominant patterns of power is more necessary than ever.

We’ll start with a brief soiree into the history and theory behind the practice of detournement, cognitive dissonance and cultural jamming. We’ll also look at some of the most effective subversive memes of the past century, discussing the essential role of creativity in bringing change. Then we’ll shift gears from theory to practice. Yes Men. Banksy. The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Tarnac9. Anonymous. Etc.  – We discuss what works, what doesn't and what could have. We’ll also share some of what Adbusters has learned from twenty years in the consumer culture trenches. Next, we’ll identify the key ideas, forms and ideologies worthy of a collective mindbomb.

Participants will be asked to brainstorm ideas for virals, campaigns, memes and spoofs that could give support to movements like Casseroles, Indignados and Occupy, or other local and international social movements and activist campaigns. Starting from scratch and using all platforms available, the best ideas might be featured, with full credit, in the next issue of Adbusters magazine.
"If I can't dance, it's not my revolution." - Emma Goldman

Audience - Graduate or tertiary students welcome
Materials – Please bring your own pencils, notebooks, laptops
Dates - Monday 29 October, 9.30am -12.00 pm (2.5 hrs) 
Venue – TBC
Numbers – 15 tickets available
Tickets - $60.00 per person + Booking Fee. Price includes morning tea.

Terms & Conditions
If there are insufficient ticket sales GOODFOLK reserves the right to cancel the workshop and will notify parties no later than 3 weeks ahead of intended date.

We want to hear from you

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Rockin' Jelly Bean

A night to celebrate one of our more fringe guests. The totally wicked Rockin' Jelly Bean and a selection of hi work will be exhibited and on sale at our K' Rd local.
THURSDAY 25 OCT, Hard Luck Cafe, 103 K' Road, 6 – 9pm

Saturday 27 August
12 - 3.30pm
We Can Create
The Mercury Theatre Foyer

Foxes is a New Zealand based online store, working with a number of local and international artists to showcase their work, providing a contemporary and quality platform for independent makers and designers to sell their products. Jessica Whiting, Director of Foxes.co.nz curates everything within the store with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness that fits into her own style.

With a keen eye, Jessica has chosen a selection of artists, designers, makers and creators for a unique market within We Can Create. A range of jewellery, clothing, prints and homeware will be available for you to peruse and purchase on the day. Eftpos will be available. For more information: jessica@foxes.co.nz


By Gregory Bennett in association with Johann Nortje

Digital Art Live, Level 2, Aotea Centre

Tues 4 Sept – Sun 4 Nov 2012
Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6pm*
*Digital Art Live will remain open late and during weekends if there is a show in the Aotea Centre.

Crowd Control gives the audience the opportunity to interact with real-time 3D animated figures that are walking, running and gesticulating. A floor sensor detects the audience’s movement and triggers the variations of movements of the figures on the screen. Read more...

Frank Kozik

Credited with single handedly reviving the “lost” art of the concert poster, Frank Kozik's creative career rose largely out of his enthusiasm for the growing underground punk rock scene in mid-eighties Austin, Texas. Starting with black and white flyers for friends’ bands, his reputation grew as an artist whose work was graphically compelling as well as culturally gripping.

Kozik is based in San Francisco, California, where he produces artwork, toys and graphic design. He formerly managed his own record label, Man’s Ruin Records (1995-2001,) under which he released over 220 singles and full length albums, including the first Queens of the Stone Age single.

He has produced artwork for a diverse range of musicians such as Pearl Jam, the Butthole Surfers, Green Day, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, the Melvins and many more. In 1996, he directed Soundgarden’s “Pretty Noose” music video. Kozik’s commercial clients include Nike, Gatorade, Absolute Vodka, Oakley, Harley Davidson, and Spike TV.

In 2001 Kozik left the music business and devoted himself full time to fine art and the newly emerging Vinyl Art Toy movement. Since 2001 he has designed over 300 separate toys and art multiples. Teaming up with such entities as Kid Robot, Toy2R and others, he has created many collectible characters such as the Smorkin’ Labbit series, the Hate Dunny and Dr. Bomb. He also produces hand painted, one-of-a-kind custom toys and Kaiju figures.

In 2007, he started his own brand, Ultraviolence, under which he produces limited edition art toys and bronze sculptures.


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